Medication, particularly the stimulants, can be the most useful tools available for dealing with ADD and its related conditions. Medication, is the one part of a multi-modal treatment program which most reduces ADD symptoms, enhance functioning, and improves  overall well being.  The success of the medication however, is dependent on many factors.  Medication education goes a long way to setting the medication treatment up to be a successful one. To learn more about the individual medications  used  to treat  ADD,  click on the links below.



Medication Education:

Pharmaceutical Companies

Financial Assistance for Medication:

Many ADD medications, as well as those for other health issues, are free for those who qualify. To qualify you need to meet the following three basic requirements:

  • You do not currently have insurance coverage for outpatient prescription medicines.
  • Your income is at a level that causes hardship when prescription medicines are purchased at retail price.
  • You do not qualify for a government or third party program that provides for prescription medicine coverage.

If you don’t meet the criteria for free medication, you may meet it for the subsidized programs offered through many pharmaceutical companies. The two best resources for free or reduced cost medications are...

             Needy Meds
                   ~  Partnership for Prescription Assisstance.