Do I Have Adult ADD?

Do you wonder if you have Adult Attention Deficit Disorder?

Do you have a child or relative who has been officially diagnosed with ADD?

~ Are you fidgety, always on the go or underactive?

~ Do you have trouble motivating to do things; even when you really want to do them?

~ Do you have trouble keeping track in a conversation?

~ Do you frequently lose things?

~ Do you act impulsively?

~ Do you find yourself in situations where it seems you misunderstood the social rules?

~ Do you have trouble knowing, and following, all of the rules of the workplace?

~ Do you get lost easily because you can not remember the directions, even if you have been there before?

If you answered yes to most of these questions you owe it to yourself to explore the possibility that you have Attention Deficit Disorder.

Take a private self screening for Adult Attention Deficit Disorder now.

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