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ADD Coach Services offers a la carte, and retainer, service options. A La Carte options are for those who prefer to pay as they go. Retainer options are for those who prefer to have some contact between appointments, be assured of regularly scheduled appointments, and have an ongoing, long term need.

A. A La Carte Services:


Video Coaching: Level I –  One hour video session, weekly with one email exchanges, per week. This is most appropriate for those who have received comprehensive, multi-model intervention, including medication at a therapeutic dose. These individuals are not in crisis but believe there are still a few missing pieces to their particular ADD puzzle.


Fee: $600. per month       

One Time Consultation – One or two hour session, one to four times a year. This is for those who have been living with ADD for some time and whose situation is truly under control. This group can benefit from using a coach on an as needed basis, as situations arise.


Fee: $200. per hour

Flexi-Consult – Because everyone's needs are different, I offer the option of mutually designing a coaching consultation plan that suits your particular situation. Just about any appointment schedule you can conceive, can most likely be worked out to our mutual satisfaction. 


Fee: Starting at $150.00 per hour

Family ADD Video Conference Call –  This is a program individually designed to meet your families needs. The purpose is to provide all family members with the same accurate, up-to-date, evidenced based ADD information so that the family becomes a cohesive unit of healthy support, neither enabling or disabling, the family member(s) diagnosed with ADD. I firmly believe we all do the best we can with what we know and the resources we have. Once we know better, we do better. With ADD education comes a better understanding of our loved one with ADD. With increased understanding, comes a decrease in frustration. With a decrease in frustration, we are better able to access healthier and more functional responses that can contribute to a better quality of life for all family members. These conference calls can be a one time situation or part of a series, depending on the families needs. Sessions are one to two hours. Duration is determined by the number of people participating.


Fee: Starts at $200. per hour       

B.  Retainer Servive Options:  Information on Retainer Service Options are provided upon request, once a committment to the coaching process has been demonstrated for at least a period of one month. 

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