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The fee for one time personal email responses from ADD Coach Services ranges between $40.00 and $155.00, depending on the complexity of the question, and the time required to answer it appropriately.

Payment is due, via PayPal,  prior to your question being answered. After submitting the form below, please allow 48 hours for your question to be read and assessed for fee determination, after which you will receive an email stating the fee.

To accept the fee and continue the process, simply go to your PayPal account, and send the payment for the determined amount to Once ADD Coach Services receives notification from PayPal that payment has been received, your question will be answered within 48 hours, unless otherwise specified. 

If you are dissatisfied with the fee, and do not wish to proceed, you need not do anything further.

Please provide as much information as you think is needed to answer your question completely. No matter what your concern, please include sex, age, diagnosis, relevant prescribed medications & dose, for the individual of concern. This information will remain confidential, and will be used in considering the best response for your particular situation only. It is important, when answering your questions, for me to know about any prescribed medications because medications, or their absence, can affect mood, behavior, etc. Such factors need to be taken into consideration when answering your question. However, while I will offer medication education and information when appropriate, I am not a doctor, and therefore, will not offer medical advice.

If your question is of a general nature, and does not require my knowledge of the specifics of your particular situation, you can save money by using ADD Coach Services BURNING QUESTION feature.

Please be sure to enter "Request for One Time Email" on the form subject line.

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