Effect of ADD on Sexual Relationships

Does ADD Affect Your Sex Life?

Did you know that The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry recently reported that ADDers are almost twice as likely as non-ADDers to divorce?


Has your sex life changed due to ADD medication? 


Do you sometimes wish your partner would stop asking for sex? 


Did your great sex life end when your marriage began? 


Do you find that you are too distracted during sex to enjoy it?


Do you feel as if your partner is emotionally distant during sex?


Do you need to always be the one to initiate sex?


Do you have trouble seeing your partner in a sexual way because he or she behaves more like your child?


Do you feel guilty because you've grown bored with sex with your partner?


Do you feel like you are nothing more than your partners sex toy...there to please but not be pleased?


Are you tired of having to work so hard to keep your partners attention during sex?

Once you started living together did your sex life change drastically from what it was before?

Every topic under the sun, and how it relates to ADD can be found in books, in journals and on numerous ADD websites but rarely is there reference to sex. Yet, as sexual beings, this is a topic that frequently comes up with ADD clients in therapy and coaching. It is a topic filled with huge gaps of misinformation or no information.  It is a topic which generates much misunderstanding, pain, distance and anger between otherwise loving couples.

Please take a few minutes to complete this brief survey on ADD and sex. ADD Coach Services is gathering information on ADD and how it impacts the sex lives of those who have it, and their partners. This information will be used to create a place online where ADDers can go to acquire reliable information and education on this topic for the purpose of developing long term, intimate and loving relationships.

All information submitted will be kept confidential.

If you are not comfortable sharing your full name you may provide your first name only.

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If you have additional comments or thoughts, regarding this survey or the topic of ADD and its impact on sex and intimacy, please email them to regina@addcoach.info




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